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The 800 Vintage tone

Description :

Overdrive based on the preamp of a JCM 800 - 2203 Version "Vintage tone" Meeting with ultra high quality components for an even more refined.

Both generic and versatile, this pedal can cover all Crunches, from light to harder, with the characteristic sound of the MARSHALL JCM800, produced very famous among lovers of Hard-rock.

Very tolerant input, it can fit anywhere you want in the signal chain. A boost / EQ before broadens the range of tones.

Its output level allows to attack a power amp comfortably.

Links :

         Guitar Maybach lester 58

Documentation :

Doc :  The_800-en.pdf

Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  Just 3 chords to show the sound range   


Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Single channel
 Equalization   :   Bass - Mid - Treble
 Commands   :  

Gain and volume,

Output level : Line or guitar mic,

Footswitches "True Bypass",

Switch "Voicing",

Remote plug.

 Power-suply   :   External power supply 15vdc (+ at middle), provided
 Size   :   145 x 120 mm
 Remarks   :  

Examples of use :

- As preamp with all sound card,

- On input of a guitar amp,

- As preamp with a power amplifier (Return input),

- In home studio environment.

Articles :

Article published on Guitarist & Bass magazine - #281

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