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Hi !! welcome on FredAmp's site !!!

Amplifier heads or pedal-amps, single or multichannels preamp, pedals or any sound system for guitar, from standard until ultra customized, from plure clean to High gain : here is the niche of choice of FredAmp's activities, following two major thrust : TUBE technology ... and high quality audio.

FredAmp produces standard products covering traditional needs guitar amplification. Our range covers a variety of materials, including course of simple effects, heads or combos, but also more unusual equipment such as multi pedals and amps, pedals pedals.

On the sidelines of the "standard" products, a large part of our business focuses on achievements in single copy designed to meet a specific requirement specified by professionals or individual customers. The "Custom" page shows a small sample of the products produced in this context. Most often, these pure products custom fit assemblies (several effects pedals in the same box, with a flexible and powerful logic control) or allow for example to combine several effects in parallel but by measuring the depth of each. The activity "Custom" is the privileged place of guitar tech and hobbyists. It is necessarily accompanied by the usual phases of project management: from specification to validation by the customer.

Go to the "Demos" page in order to enter quickly and in a few clicks, audio or video demonstrations of some products that make a reference !!! You can also find all products starting from our synthesis tables or filter the products according to your criteria. Each product is described in details with the features, images, demonstrations, articles and related comments.


Study and design


Design of specific products IAW your needs, feasibility study.



Amps, preamps, stompBox, pedal-amplifiers, looper, specifics needs...



Tube degradation control, polarization balancing, renovation of your best "short of breath" amps ...



Add new sounds, new switching system, etc ...

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