The aim of the operation was to transform this beautiful toaster racing machine by giving it an AC15 preamp and grafting it to the Top boost AC30. Along the way, I thought "why not to add a second master volume and let's crazy, an effects loop??". All that retaining the original cosmetically, of course ...

And here is the result ....

  • The controls for gain, treble and bass remain unchanged,
  • The "Mid" becomes the "Cut",
  • The switch "bright / tick" becomes "gain + / -",
  • Adding a second volume knob and an LED indicating the commissioning of the "master 2",Adding an additional tube
  • .


Cost of change : 400 € amp off and return postage (cable and footswitch included).

Modif AC15 - 1

Modif AC15 - 2

Modif AC15 - 3


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