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This page contains, as such, the testimony of our clients who have kindly allowed us to publish.

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TiTous - Localization : Aveyron


********************* Start quote ************************** ***

Hello ,

I up this topic with my little return.
I just received last week my pedalboard amp.
In a few words ... The man and his work deserves all the respect in the world!

The specification was as follows:

Fashion Marshall jubilee crunch / Lead
Marshall Plexi Mode clean / Crunch
Fashion Fender Tweed Twin 57

So 5 channels
HP Output: 4,8,16 ohms
Mute function .
Standby .
Series effects loop ( Send / Return)
1 Master Volume
Loop Bypassable entry .
Boost channel
Format Alu pedal amp / preamp .
Controllable via footswitch pm ( Voodoo Lab GCX kind )

As he had said yes to everything without any hesitation : p
( yet to get lunch in a pedal amp with so little room was a first for him , and fender tweed channel 57 too).

At the last moment I slip him a last minute request ...
Tit a headphone jack ! Just in case ^ ^ a winter night at home to not wake mom ( also the first outlet)

Well friends ... but the contract is filled to 300%
I had photo, video or info on the progress every 3-4 days .

As a bonus he asked me if I wanted a certain color while his was not in the specifications (yes it will be black Fred)

And reception , I realize that the famous headphone jack is not just a " headphone jack ." It has a switch and works without any other connection .. Even not need HP afraid to burn out the beast .. Nada ... And it works with the fire .. Go a slight buzz if you really shoot. Nothing to beat a cat!

The tweed one is at or clapton keith (with boost engaged a killer )
Plexi ... lol ... All goes Concentrated Vintage JMP / JTM donf ... Jimi and Angus are inside .
The jubilee gain ... What ... What ... What channel gain just a distortion on top!

100% handmade in every detail ! And yes Msieu french !
Noon , headset, boost, mix channels , etc. etc.
(the list of possibilities and options is long.
If what you are looking for does not exist in the list?
Fred is enough to listen ( as these realistic course )
you lay something sick .
Proof ... He has done for me .

Plus the fact that the amp pedal is a true fashion find!
In France ? I do not know anyone who does that .
This guy will go up ... Up Up ...

The price .. I did not talk ... but more than reasonable for what these and what there's inside. ( I answered in PM if some desired) .

The time ... Two months Typing .

Size and weight : 65cm long by 28 wide and 7 tall, and weighs 6kg on the scale.

My interest ... No , if ... Just turn of events for a person who was extra , honest, straightforward ... A passionate and like I said .. A true craftsman ! Gauls and not on the walk! Rare enough that it deserves to face a little pub right?

Come on, I farm ( dsl its overly long).
Place the tof .

********************* End quote ************************** ***


tontontaine - 15 comments - 1040 Reads


********************* Start quote ************************** ***

We all agree, the world is plunged into a guitarist fog denser , lost in the midst of an exponential world of material of all kinds. Amps and preamp ( it is from them that will today) are all forms : small, large , heavy , ugly look terrifying (! Bouhhh ), 1 , 2, 3 body, rack , head, combo, as toaster, jukebox , cube , of all colors , black, green , red, blue , orange, even purple ! Check out Vox , Fender , Laney ! A transistor or hybrid ...
A gear more advanced that , because of its ever-changing technology meets or claims to meet the growing needs of " gratouilleux " experts or not we are. Digital technology has made ​​in recent years great strides in the field of amplification and preamp . To mention only a few well-known examples here , I named Line 6 , Fractal, Kemper, Vox etc ... There are spoiled for choice , and yet ... we always run after his ideal self ...

Exactly, do not draw a line too fast this good old technology " tube " that ultimately we worship, said MEMEE ! ( heuu , oh yes , I have one too! um, anyway! ) and continues to equip many of our amplifiers, those we cherish above all and always give us horrible crises GAS ! yes

In a small Gaulish village, near Nimes , Fred, a craftsman of genius still resists
the digital invader and offers products outsized .... Our good old technology " all-tube " is not dead, far from it ... It Druid Electronics has for some years in the service of lovers drowned in commercial immensity, seeking the holy grail in terms of sound (s) guitar ! For the latter, the perfect amp, completely tailored to their needs is not in any music store , it is just that which is in their head !
Let me introduce you to what was in mine ...
A ... amp / preamp pedal form that respects the letter a unique specifications : mine ... and would have very specific needs ... MY following Fred the magician features, is set to work ...

My wish or rather "my" wish : amp / preamp with several " preamps " , a typed grain "British" or rather typed " gringo " with choice of multiple channels, not easy!
A unique special function permitting operation to choose from, only simple " amp " mode as a distortion pedal to the input of an amplifier in the clear , or independent operation of the power section in 15w EL84 activated by switch !

All functions of this achievement :

Aluminum frame ( 5 kg - amp total weight)
2 channels vox AC30 TB /
2 channel Marshall 1959 /
1 channel Bogner Exctasy blue / EQ by inter 3 positions
1 channel Bogner Exctasy red / EQ by inter 3 positions
1 channel clean vox
Master half solo
mute function
2 loop pre and post preamp activated by switch
4/8/16 ohm speaker outputs
Bypass function to bypass the preamp and amp direct attack

Daydreaming is possible! So thank you to Fred for this alien custom realization , high quality due to its construction and its sound quality !

Off the beaten path and make a wish , an idea, a folly or a change amp !

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********************* Start quote ************************** ***

 Hello everyone ,

I would post a little because newly entered ds family users fredamp pedal .
In my case I invested ds crystal preamp and a hot scream .
Dc is my config as follows:

Hot scream / Bogner cab blue-red/crystal/FX/torpedo

I defer a small layer on the quality of the material even if it was long said, but the preamp is a monster job, It sounds warm and dynamic , short as the lamp and my Bogner spend carefree inside.

If I post here today (something I never do ) , it is mainly to highlight the professionalism of the person behind these products , fred is always listening, it responds very quickly and responds to customer demand .

When I contacted to place my order on 8 /05, I asked for delivery on May 31 ( I have a big plan that date) , fred told me that it would be complicated because the book full order (good ), I told him that I understood perfectly and oh surprise, I was delivered on 17 /05.

So much for my first experience fredamp , for me it gives meaning to buy "boutique" and I know that I will return the blow.

Thank you Fred and thank you for martial information / advice .


********************* End quote ************************** ***

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