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The standard product range is not lack of praise and recognition, it is sufficient to observe spontaneous reactions to be convinced. Yet many customers ask the best quality, especially for achieving specific sounds, even to pay the price. This is usually done in Custom projects for a long time, but this kind of application also now affects some models of the basic range.

The manufacture of products LUXE range is essentially based on components of the highest quality and rigorous testing sound result. Some may think that the most expensive components are not necessarily the best, others the "Believe" .... since they are not just some. Two things are certain: the sharp ears perceive the difference depending on the components and, as it is surprising, the best quality is generally acknowledged to the most expensive components. Some references are often discussed on the web, such as eg lamp sorted JJ-TESLA, ELECTRO HARMONIX, or the mullard reissue, the jupiter capacitors, the sozo mustard, the sozo blue molded, chemical condos sprague atom or TAD Gold without forgetting the famous potards cts.

One last thing is certain: it is not enough to know the TOP FIVE of each type of component, it must (mostly) know how to use it wisely to get the result. The result so extreme quality certainly synonymous with quality components, but also and above all with technical expertise and extensive experience. It deserved to be said ... well that's it !!!


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