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Nouveaux produits :
Rechaufizeur - Studionew Rechaufizeur - Studio
Rechaufizeur - LTnew Rechaufizeur - LT
Rechaufizeur - Livenew Rechaufizeur - Live
Fb-2bnew Fb-2b
Deep Zone Bassnew Deep Zone Bass
DeeP Zone Préampnew  DeeP Zone Préamp


Warranty :

The tubes are systematically excluded from warranty and the output transformers (hardly detectable fault if you forget to plug a hp).

The warranty period depends on the type of acquisition or of performance :

  • All our new products are guaranteed for a period of one year,
  • The continued and modified products are guaranteed for a period of six months,
  • The opportunity to manufacture FredAmp products are guaranteed for a period of three months.



Contractual terms :

The procedures vary depending on the availability of equipment and the complexity of the proposed work :

For products "available":

Products marked with the word "Available" are shipped within two days after receipt of your order and full payment.

For products "on request" :

  • Contact us by email to plan implementation and estimate the delay before delivery.
  • A quote is then established between the two parties. This quote sets the amount of the deposit (corresponding to at least 70% of the sale price) and the date of delivery.
  • Work begins upon receipt of the signed quotation and deposit.
  • Each new product is tested qualitatively in all its features and a significant period of operation (at least twice 5 consecutive hours).
  • Once validated, the package is shipped.

For maintenance :

  • Contact us by email to define the objectives and test the feasibility of principle and deadlines.
  • If the project is viable, you send us the material. We can thus confirm the feasibility and define more precisely the needs of technical interventions.
  • A quotation fixes the amount of the deposit and the date of delivery.
  • Work begins upon receipt of the signed quotation and, if applicable, the deposit required.


Delivery :


Packages are shipped by post or logistics channel. You can follow the steps livraison.Veuillez contôler the parcel upon receipt, I can not be held responsible for bri during transport.


Payment Terms :

The regulations are made ​​by check or by bank transfer.




Before purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us by email to verify that the product or service contemplated correspond to your expectations.



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