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This section describe differents types of systems available in the shop section.




This hardware concept is very common in guitar's world. Each stompbox provides a specific sound and can be enabled or not, as and when wished by user.

A few examples :

  • Boost : just preamp, witch increase the signal amplitude but don't changes others signal's parameters.
  • Crunch - Overdrive : Voluntary distorsion applied on signal, with commanded distorsion ratio, and so impact on sound texture.
  • Trémolo.


Examples :

Preamp "The 800"


Preamp "The clean"

Preamp "70s overdrive"



Multichannels pedals


The main idea is encapsulate several pedals inside the same box, always foot-commanded by user.

Commands allow select of channel, each one providing a specific type of sound (Fender, VOX, MARSHALL).

Our switching system is reprogrammable and allows select of only one channel or several channels mixed, even control external pedals (looper function), select tone stack or master volume, etc...  If required, this digital system is compatible with MIDI standard.

Here are some examples of common functionality :

  • Your preferred channels (well-known sounds),
  • Brights, boosts,
  • Several "Tone stacks",
  • Severalmaster volume,
  • Headphones output (1 W), Line output (direct to sono system)
  • etc ...


Multichannels pedal



Programmables pedals

Most often, a programmable pedal is combined with a head or combo. In this case, the aim is command all possibles combined sound provided by the amp. In fact, this is a kind of "multichannels pedals" with only controls channels and features of the associated amp. Obviously, all abilities of multichannels pedals logic control is avalaible in a amp-assoicated pedal (programs, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, etc)

A small tutorial about our programmable system (FRENCH).


You can also read this document : "Notice d'utilisation pédalier programmable", in "téléchargement" section.






"Pedal-amplifiers" groups all needed parts inside the same pedal box : channels, switching and ...  final amplifier stage (1W to 15 W).

Again, same abilities are availables : programs, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, looper, etc...





At halfway between pedal-amps and combos, heads provides ideal compromise for playing live :

  • less heavy and big than a combo ( 2 parts), more flexible forms of employment (carrying, stage plan)
  • Loodspeaker choice (1x12" ,2x12",4x12", etc..)


Most often, heads are controlled via a programmable pedal. This can be done following diverse organisations :

  • Multichannel head amp + simple control pedal,
  • Multichannel programmable pedal + Monochannel head amp,
  • Multichannel programmable pedal + Multichannel head amp ( !!!)


If required, heads can be controlled by MIDI, directly or via the control pedal, or even via twice solutions (ie : with differents MIDI address !!!)

Monochannel Princeton head

Princeton Head


Multichannel head (FredAmp - ULTIMAT)


Multichannel head MK1






Traditional mechanical format for guitar amplifiers, this box group amplifier and loud-speaker(s).

In most case, this kind of system is sufficient for small rooms and moderate power.

For high-quality tube amplification, weight and volume become critical for power greater than 60 W (in particular, due to transformaters).


SabBass combo


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