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Rechaufizeur - Studionew Rechaufizeur - Studio
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Rechaufizeur - Livenew Rechaufizeur - Live
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Rechaufizeur - Live

new product  

The initial idea for the "Rechaufizer" came from listening to a good number of guitarists playing on digital equipment (Fractal, Headrush, etc.) and complaining of a sound that was too cold and aggressive in the treble. The "Rechaufizer" aims to... "Reheat" your sound by applying a timbre correction using a 6-position selector, a volume and a toggle-switch for reinforcement of bass.

The finished product actually goes much further because in addition to warming up, it amplifies your signal by giving it something that would be comparable to light compression without the compression effect.

I invite you to open the documentation to discover everything it is capable of.

The only limit is your imagination.

Price : 350 €


FredAmp-rechaufizeur-live-1.jpg FredAmp-rechaufizeur-live-2.jpg

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Two identical channels, with their separate controls
 Commands   :   On stereo versions, the two channels are controlled separately. This allows the two channels to be used either in stereo, in cascade, or in two different places in the preamplification chain.
The commands are therefore identical for both channels:

  •     Bypass: foot switch
  •     Adjusting the output level
  •     Gain selector on low frequencies: + / normal / ++
  •     Mode selector: nuances of sound reproduction.
 Power-suply   :   15-18V - External transformer provided
 Size   :   120 x 140 mm
 Remarks   :  

On LIVE and STUDIO models, the controls for the two channels are separate. This allows several combinations, including:

  •     Parallel use: in stereo,
  •     Cascade use: Input 1 --- Output 1 -> Input 2 – Output 2
  •     Use at two different processing levels, for example:


Guitar -> Input 1 / Output 1 -> effects rack -> Input 2 – Output 2 -> PA

IMPORTANT: Before turning the rotator or operating the mini-switch, you must bypass the heater (led off), otherwise the bang in the speakers risks destroying the tweeters.

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