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70s overdrive en rack 1U

Description :

70s overdrive : the functionality of a DUMBLE, but without the weight ...

This rack includes both Clean and Overdrive channels dumble preamp, which are particularly appreciated for their very strong sound character.

Its integrated and switchable input Hot Scream multiplies the sounds by making the most of these two famous canals.

Its internal circuits are shown separately in some custom products, allowing each to compose his system by targeting its real needs.

This product is also pedal format. The rack version can be remote controlled via MIDI and / or external pedals.

Documentation :

Doc :  consignes_scu_en.pdf

Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  Martial ALLART - 70s Overdrive with FAC 666 Boost   



70OD-Rack-2.JPG 70OD-Rack-1.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Clean channel of Dumble

Overdrive channel of Dumble
 Equalization   :   Bass - Medium - Treble, common to both channels
 Commands   :  

Clean Channel : Volume

Overdrive channel : pre-drive / drive / Volume / Master / Switches BRIGHT: "DEEP", "HARD / SOFT"

Booster Hot scream : On-Off / Gain / tone / volume

Footswitchs "True Bypass", "Clean / Overdrive"

 Output-power   :   Output Level: Line or Micro guitar
 Power-suply   :   230 Vac 56/60 Hz
 Size   :   Rack 1U
 Remarks   :  

Examples of use:

- In preamp with all sound card,

- On input of a guitar amp,

- When fed to a power amplifier,

- In home studio.

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-> Located in front of 70s override on signal chain, the FCC 666 Boost is an ideal partner for this product
-> Example of compatible clean amp

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