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FMP100 #2

Description :

This pedal tube is based on the preamp of Plexi 100 amp.

The Little FMP100 is changing, always based on the famous amp Mr. Jim Plexi 100 in bridged channels, but with the addition of an extra gain knob : a NORMAL and BRIGHT, all that for versatility.

Using this, one can only use the NORMAL channel by setting the gain of the BRIGHT channel to 0 and vice versa but the added value is that we can now mix the volume of the two, thus providing clean / crunch further.

It comes in black case.

For users to switch and / or looper with output jack to change amp channels, a mini jack 3.5mm stereo format has been installed. So, you can remotely control the bypass pedal.

Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  FMP 100 + HotScream   
Video 2 :  Comparison FMP100 vs JTBASS vs Crystal, with THE THUNDER   
Video 3 :  Antoine Beconcini   
Video 4 :  FMP 100 - Warriors Live - Akkurat - SWEDEN   
Video 5 :  FMP 100 - Suicide Live - Akkurat - SWEDEN   
Audio 1 :  FMP100 + HotScream - Van Halen   
Audio 2 :  AC/DC - Black in black   

Price : 360 €



fmp100_2-1.JPG fmp100_2-2.JPG fmp100_2-3.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Single channel
 Equalization   :   Bass / Mid / Treble
 Commands   :  

NORMAL gain,

BRIGHT gain,


Output Level: Line or Micro guitar,

True Bypass footswitch to turn on or off the effect,

TRS remote control (cable supplied),

Alim base 5.5 x 2.1 + center 15 / 18VDC 600mA mini.

 Power-suply   :   External transformer 230 V, provided
 Size   :   145 x 120 mm or rack 1U

Articles :

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Commentaire Michael Nilsson

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