Tête BB Slp 1959


Description :

A clean amp 15 watt tube design FredAmp

On sufficient power on small stage or in rehearsal, this 15 Watt head includes most of the essential functions often sought by a guitarist in a tube amp, a good clean and bright variant, an equalizer to adjust to the acoustic environment, reverb.

With its deliberately limited to 15W power switching and triode / pentode, this amp allows you to explore the full range of sounds characteristic of the tubes, including the saturation of the output stage while remaining at a moderate level.

His final amp has two EL84, tubes known to favor the midrange and provide a natural crunch when saturated with a boosted signal.



BB-SLP-1959-Avant.JPG BB-SLP-1959-Arriere.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Two separate channels : Normal and Bright
 Equalization   :   Bass - Mid - Treble
 Commands   :  
Volume "Normal" Volume "Bright", Master,



Effects loop,

Inter pentode / triode,

Inter Link: Normal channel chaining -> channel Bright
 Output-power   :   15 Watt
 Power-suply   :   230 V - 50/60Hz
 Size   :   400 x 210 x 210 mm
 Remarks   :  

This head can be used either with ab / box to switch the channel to normal bright channel

either with the footswitch for linking the normal channel and bright, giving the result a HIGH GAIN channel.

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