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Crystal preamp luxe

Description :

This pedal tube is based on the preamp of Leo Twin amp.

A generic tube preamp, which warms the sound and can be boosted for a nice crunch.

This "Lux" version sound more refined than the base model, obtained by selected very high-quality components.

Documentation :

Doc :  Crystal-Luxe-en.pdf

Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  Rémi LECLERC   
Video 2 :  TAZ Gratte - Crystal and 800 x 2   


crystal-luxe-new-design-1.JPG crystal-luxe-new-design-2.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Tube
 Channels   :   Single channel
 Equalization   :   Bass / Mid / Treble
 Commands   :  


Output level : Line or guitar micro,

Footswitch True Bypass,

Microswitch "Bright",

Remote plug.

 Power-suply   :   External transformer 230 V, provided
 Size   :   145 x 120 mm or rack 1U
 Remarks   :  

Example of use : As preamp previous to a cab or guitar amp or sono amp or home studio.


Articles :

Comment NIC - version de base

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