Hot Scream Little

Description :

The pedal is a Scream Hot Crunch boost. It is very often used as input amp, preamp or pedal tube until smooth sound and compression set the output level.

Both boost, equalizer, and crunch, it offers an ideal additional tone for solos or rock rhythms.

Used in front of a tube material, it allows you to browse all combinations of tone and saturation keeping the characteristic sound of the pipes and controlling the spectrum and level of the injected signal.

"Hotscream little" version :

  • No "solo" function,
  • Its slightly more modern in the midrange.


hotscream_little_1.JPG hotscream_little_2.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Transistor
 Channels   :   Monochannel, "CRUNCH" sound type.
 Equalization   :   Simple Tone
 Commands   :  

Gain, Volume,

Footswitch True Bypass

 Power-suply   :   External transformer 9V dc
 Size   :   110 x 60 mm
 Remarks   :   Excellent when placed in front of all products FredAmp tube.

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