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Fuzz 3.141592

Description :

The pedal Fuzz 3.141592 is based on famous "Electro harmonix PI Triangle", with several FredAmp's changes

Demonstrations :

Video 1 :  Demo Martial ALLART, with JTBass   


fuzz-PI.JPG fuzz-PI-2.JPG fuzz-PI-3.JPG

Caracteristics :

 Technology   :   Transistor
 Channels   :   Monochannel, "Fuzz" son type.
 Equalization   :   Simple tone
 Commands   :  

Gain, Volume, "Color" switch (selectivity)

Footswitch True Bypass

 Power-suply   :   Transformer 9 Vdc, BOSS type, not provided
 Size   :   119 x 94 mm
 Remarks   :   Hi-quality components

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